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Collecting fluorescent minerals requires a good equipment of fluorescent lamps. To help the collector, the MKA initiated a fluorescence working group. The purpose is to find out what is available on the market. The group does not only cover the equipment but also the collecting and participating to exhibitions of fluorescent minerals. On a regular basis we have a meeting at the home of one of our members, to discuss the newest information on fluorescent matters and to make arrangements to buy minerals and equipment.

In November 1989 I started with this workgroup and in 1998 Axel Emmermann took over.

To promote collecting fluorescent minerals, we expose at different mineral fairs and mineral exhibitions. Many a visitor is surprised about the amazing world of fluorescent mineral colors.

Scheeliet, Taewha, South Korea

FMS The Fluorescent Mineral Society
This society was established on January 17, 1971.  From in the beginning it was a worldwide organization. In the first year they started with 45 members; in 14 states of the USA and also some members from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.  The FMS unites fluorescent mineral collectors from all over the world.  In their publications "UV Waves" and in the FMS Journal, they discuss fluorescence in general and fluorescent minerals in particular.
The fluorescent mineral collector benefits from the help and expertise of knowledgeable members, who enable a more profound study of the phenomenon of fluorescence.
In 1982 the FMS had 180 members of which 11 Europeans from 7 different countries. In 1990 FMS had 13 members in Europe, 3 of which were from Belgium.  In that year, the board of the FMS decided to create a European branch with a Regional Vice President on top.
Richard Loyens was nominated as the first Regional Vice President, until 1995 when Gerard Barmarin was his successor, and in 2006 Axel Emmermann took over.

calciet + willemiet, Franklin, New Jersey